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Is The Mass Effect Trilogy Coming To Nintendo Switch?

Is the Mass Effect Trilogy going to come to Nintendo Switch? The answer is yes, but just not yet. There has been a lot fo talk about this particular subject over the course fo the last week. Listings for the game have popped up on retailers around the globe, many of which are listing theMass Effect Trilogy as the Legendary Edition. Most of them are also listing the game for Nintendo Switch alongside Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Here’s the thing though, someone close to the game has confirmed , as much as that’s possible, that this game is not hitting the Switch this year.

The source I’m pulling from is VGC, who are almost as reliable as it gets. The news is from the Xbox Expansion Pass Podcast, where reported Jeff Grubb explained that the trilogy won’t hit Switch this year. He added that this is all part of what EA laid out earlier in the year. When EA held their EA Play event in June, they said that they’d be bringing seven games to Switch in the coming 12 months. Grubb says that the Mass Effect Trilogy is not one of those games, though I think EA would technically call it three to make the most of it.

Grubb previously claimed that the game would be announced and launch in October this year, and release before the end of the current financial year. He did add that the upheaval of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic could change their plans. This seems to be what has happened, because Grubb has completely changed his tune on when the game is coming out.

With so many retailers listing the Switch version of the Mass Effect Trilogy alongside the other versions, it’s hard to see EA delaying it. I think it’s important to remember that Switch versions usually do take some extra time to develop and release though. Mass Effect is a series that is beloved by a huge fan base, and EA would be remiss to rush it out just for the sake of a unified release. They know that when they do release it, fans are going to eat it up, no question. It would sell well if Nintendo launched a Switch Pro, and probably even if a Switch 2 was on the way.

I don’t see the Mass Effect Trilogy coming out this year. With that said, EA might just step in to prove Grubb and me wrong.