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Alex Is Coming Back to Competitive CSGO as FunPlus Phoenix Lead


If you like watching CS: GO events while opening cases on csbet, then you may have the chance to see FunPlus Phoenix with new forces. Alex, former Vitality in-game leader, will reportedly become the lead of the FunPlus Phoenix CS: GO roster. Fans of the player have been waiting for his return, so this is exciting news.

Although FPX didn’t have the best experience so far for the start of the FLASHPOINT 1 event, they may increase their experience once Alex is leading the roster.

Alex’s Return to Pro CS: GO

Back in March 2020, Alex decided to leave professional gaming, stating that it’s due to “personal reasons”. People who know Alex remember how successful he was and how much he helped Vitality in the past.

Even from the start, in March 2019, Alex was already a crucial part of the team. Thanks to him, Vitality managed to become the number 2 in the CS: GO World Rankings, which is something to take into account. Of course, Vitality was only right behind Astralis and got seven trophies on their journey.

But as the year 2020 came by, Vitality didn’t maintain their success. They instead ended up falling out of IEM Katowice in 9-12th. Afterward, Alex decided it was time to step back for a while. The reasons cited were personal reasons with a busy schedule and excessive travel.

In a statement in March, Vitality declared “The demanding lifestyle of a high-level professional CS: GO player wasn’t fitting him anymore.”

But now that everything will take place online due to the pandemic and traveling is not necessary, Alex found the right time to come back. He will be joining the professional CS: GO world again and bless fans with his amazing skills and possibly being successful once again.

The FunPlus Phoenix Roster

It looks like the former Vitality star is reportedly joining FunPlus Phoenix as the lead. Apparently, FPX went to Vitality in order to discuss the buyout for Alex. The buyout was said to be as much as $600,000, a pretty high price.

So far, FPX hasn’t been too successful. First of all, when they picked up the Heroic Danish roster, Patrik “es3tag” Hansen decided to leave and go to Astralis. As a result, the deal fell through.

Secondly, they got a second roster, specifically the former Bad News Bears team. But this was only temporary, as it lasted for the remainder of Season 1 of Flashpoint.

FPX didn’t come back to pro gaming since Flashpoint 1 but may now be able to return with new and better forces.

“[FPX is] an extremely prestigious organization and one that we really want as part of the Flashpoint ownership group.” said Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles. “It was unfortunate that things got rushed for them because they were excited about joining the league and the whole es3tag and Heroic roster thing fell through, but they’ll be back with a top-tier team.”

Final Thoughts

Get ready to see new forces from FunPlus Phoenix. Now that Alex is reportedly joining, things may get much better and more entertaining in the future.

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