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Pokemon Sword And Shield The Crown Tundra Is A Legacy Fan’s Dream


Last week we were treated to a half decent look at Pokemon Sword and shield The Crown Tundra. This is the second piece of DLC for the game, and the one that I’ve been much more excited about ever since the games game out. Honestly, this has always looked superior, and now that it’s arriving on October 22, I’m barely able to contain my excitement. I’ve been thinking abou tit a lot, and the thing that has me anticipating this DLC more than nay other is the fact that I can catch all the old legendaries from Pokemon’s past.

The Pokemon Company confirm this information in the above video. The second DLC has a unique feature that sees you descent into the depths, and go further than you’ve ever been able to before. I think this will be some sort of dungeon in terms of gameplay, mostly because I don’t see there being a temple or ruin for every legendary in Pokemon’s long history.

We already knew that there were Galarian versions of the legendary birds coming back, but now we also know you can catch every Regi variant, Lugia, Ho-oh, and all the others. As someone who has been playing Pokemon since they were eight-years-old, this is one of the most exciting things to be told. I vividly remember getting to the top of the tower in Pokemon Gold and Silver to catch Ho-oh or Lugia. I also remember searching out every legendary bird in Pokemon Red Blue.

I think that The Pokemon Company has realised that what players like me want is a game that’s filled with every Pokemon ever made. They’re slowly adding them in, and I don’t think they’re done dong so just yet. This is just the start, and I think all Pokemon legacy fans are here for this news. Soon I think Pokemon Sword and Shield will have every Pokemon ever made in them, and that can only be a good thing.

Finally, I think that after this DLC is out, we’ll also be seeing the introduction of yet more legendaries. Pokemon that we can’t even fathom just yet.

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