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Ubisoft Outlines Monetisation In Watch Dogs: Legion


Watch Dogs: Legion is out tomorrow! Ubisoft explained what the post-launch content would look like a little while ago, but now they’ve covered all of the game’s monetisation. Right now, we know that there will be a lot of content coming for free once the game is out. This includes the incredible multiplayer mode that sees you invade another player’s world and hack them whilst hiding from them. That’s arriving on December 3. However, there’s also some paid content coming pretty soon, and that’s what we’re concerned about right now.


Don’t worry, it’s not a new character locked behind a paywall from day one. ETO is actually the in-game currency in Watch Dogs: Legion. This is how you’ll buy stuff around the game’s version of London, including cosmetics. If you thought this was a slimy way of getting some more cash out of players, don’t. You can earn ETO in-game. You get it from completing story missions, side missions, and the massive number of repeatable missions that pop up around the city. While you can buy some masks, there are others hidden around the city for you to collect. You’ll see it on the map once you’ve identified it, and it can then be used with all of your operatives.

WD Credits and the Premium Store

Here’s the premium stuff. WD Credits are the premium currency in Watch Dogs: Legion, and as such, they’ll cost you real-life money. Yes, you can buy ETO with WD Credits, but all you can buy are cosmetics for the most part. The only thing that sort of irks me is that there are operatives locked behind this currency. They’ll have new and interesting abilities to explore, but not if you don’t pay for them. Ubisoft has assured us that they don’t offer any meaningful upgrades over the base game experience, though.

Season Pass

Finally, we have the season pass. This is something that I’ll be picking up pretty early on. It includes access to all the future content that’s planned for the game and four hero characters. These are Aiden, Wrench, Mina, the psychic transhuman, and Darcy, the Assassin. The season pass also gives you some exclusive items in-game and Watch Dogs Complete Edition, which is pretty great with the next-generation of consoles on the way.

I personally believe that all of this monetisation is fair. Ubisoft is asking for money in exchange for meaningful content and further development. Nothing here screams that the game is cheating you out of money. For the amount you spend, there’s a lot on offer.

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