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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Has Abandoned Hidden Ones Bureaus


Recently some people, myself not included unfortunately, got a hands-on preview with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This meant that they got to grab control of Eivor and go and explore a huge chunk of the game’s world. Of course, so many details have been found through these previews, but the one that I’m most interested in is the abandoned Hidden Ones Bureaus. These seem like they’ll be scattered around the world, telling a story of the Hidden Ones being attacked, or forced deeper into the shadows. Check out this gameplay of one being explored and read on for more.

As you can see, before you even get into the abandoned bureau, you need to do some exploring. I love how this is going to force players to look around the environment and figure out what exactly is going on. In past games in the series, things have pretty much always been obvious, but here we have elements of The Witcher 3 bleeding in.

Here Eivor stumbles upon a symbol on the ground, but can’t find her way in. After attempting to get a load of debris to fall down and make an opening, they could have given up. However, the player perseveres, and they’re rewarded with some rich lore on the Hidden Ones. I’d like to think that most of the Hidden Ones Bureaus will be like this. After all, why would they be turning to Eivor and the Vikings if they didn’t need help?

The Hidden Ones are so exciting to me as part of this world. Assassin’s Creed has chopped and changed exactly what being a Hidden One means over the years, but Valhalla looks to set the record straight. Here we’re going to see how a tale unfolded between the Hidden Ones and their enemies, and understand exactly why they’re now so scarce. I think this will be integral to the game’s modern-day story, since that’s going to follow the Hidden Ones pretty closely too. As long as this has all been woven together in the game’s story, as I’m sure it has, we’re onto more than a winner here. We’re onto a game of the year competitor.

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