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What Are The Most Popular Gaming Genres?

If you love to game, you probably generally have a pretty strong idea of which games are up your street, and which you would rather altogether avoid. Then there are those in the middle, of course. On top of these, it might also be interesting to note which the best genres are, and why that might be. In this post, we are going to take a look at what tend to be the most popular genres, and discuss the possible reasons that this might be the case. Let’s take a look now and see what we discover in this way.

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First up we have action games, which are really any of those that tend to test the player’s reflexes in some interesting way. You’ll also find your hand-eye coordination being tested, as well as your reaction times, so one possible reason why so many people love these games is that they are great for practising those skills – and for testing them out to see who among a friend group is the best.

This genre has had a dominance over the industry for a long time, including its popular sub-genres such as beat-em-ups, not to mention many of the old classic arcade games – many of which are still popular throughout the world today. If you happen to like your action games, you are certainly not alone – and this looks unlikely to change at any time in the near future.


What is it about sports games that makes them such a well-loved genre throughout the world? It could be a number of things, but perhaps one of the most likely explanations is that it’s a chance to pretend you are one of the world’s greatest athletes – all while sitting in your own living room! Plus, for those who enjoy a little competitive spirit with their friends, there is obviously no genre better suited than sports.

These sports games come in many forms, mostly based around the different sports, and a major joy is that you can expect to simulate whatever real-life games you would most love to see. If you are keen to recreate Jets vs Colts, you can do so – and even have a say over what happens in the match. But sports games are also known for testing the reaction times and provoking the competitiveness that gaming is partly all about anyway, so that must go some way to explaining their huge popularity.

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The most common type of adventure game played today is probably the RPG, which remains one of the best-selling genres of all time. Indeed, some of the world’s most critically-acclaimed games of all time have been RPGs, with the classic Zelda: Ocarina Of Time being at the very top in most charts listing it. What’s more, the way that these RPGs have developed over time is truly incredible, and the genre has perhaps seen the most innovation of all.

Today, you can play Zelda through VR on the Nintendo Switch, and in this way we can see how immersive the worlds really have become over time. That is only one way in which this is true, however, and RPGs have also improved in many other ways, especially graphics. But their main attraction has always been the way in which they create huge worlds for you to explore openly at will, and that has particularly improved in the past few years.

Looking ahead, it looks as though we can expect RPGs to become even more open and free to explore, with your decisions being more and having a greater influence on the world itself. This is a big way in which the experience of these worlds becomes more real, and it’s genuinely exciting to watch it improve over time. The RPG and adventure games in general are only going to become more popular, one would assume.

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Although in some ways this might come under sport, it is also so popular in its own right that it is worth looking at as a separate genre altogether. Racing games are amongst the best games for simply playing whenever you are at a loose end – that’s because they don’t take long to set up, they are generally quick to play a few games, and yet you can get a lot of enjoyment out of them for that short amount of time and easy setup. What game is better to put on when you have buddies over to visit?

There is a surprising amount of variation in racing games, however. At one end, you have the cartoony but very successful Mario Kart series, which is still going strong and still producing some of the most fun games out there in the marketplace. Then you have the grittier, more realistic racing games like Need For Speed, which are known for their extra speed and fine-tuned controls. But both are just different ways of doing the same thing, and overall it is a genre that the world loves, with many best-selling games belonging to this genre.

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Although technically a form of RPG, these games are quite a different beast altogether, especially in terms of the gaming culture that has developed around them over the years. The most famous Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game is, of course, World of Warcraft – and many would argue it remains the best, too. It is certainly still the most popular, with a huge dominance over this corner of the market that seems impossible to shift – or at least very difficult indeed.

The beauty of MMORPGs is really that they are the kind of use of the internet that we all dreamed about in the web’s early days. Having an online world which is always there, and which you can just log on and play at any point with real people all over the world, is genuinely fascinating and hugely enjoyable, and it is one reason why these games are famously so addictive. Even for casual gamers, however, they are known to be good fun and a great way to while away the hours.

Battle Royale

This one is a relatively recent addition to the gaming world, but over the past few years it has steadily grown into one of the most sheerly popular genres of all, and it looks set to continue on this trend for some while yet. In Battle Royale games, what happens is this: there is an open map, a little like you might find in an MMORPG, and the goal is to fight each other until only one player survives. Each player might have one character, or a whole army or team, but the basic process and ultimate goal is the same.

You can probably see why this is such a fun type of game, and why it has become so popular so fast. It’s easy to set up, and just hugely enjoyable, with something of a GTA feel to it at times for those who are so inclined. Plus, it’s a great kind of stress-reliever. Whether or not you have played a Battle Royale yet, you are probably bound to do so in the next few years, as all the data suggests that this is the one genre to really look out for in the next decade or so. Add to that the possibility of VR insertion, and you can see where it might be heading.

There you have it. These are easily the most popular gaming genres in the world – and with very good reason. Which is your favorite?

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