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Will You Ever Use PS5 Remote Play On Your PS4?


Last week, just before the main launch for the PlayStation 5, many PlayStation 4 users awoke to find that they had a new app on their console. This was the PS5 Remote Play App. It allows you to stream your PS5 console to your PS4, which would be handy if anyone had one on the day. With the launch so close though, I think that Sony was just getting stuff out of the door so that it didn’t all arrive at once. That would have been a major issue for everyone keeping an eye on compatibility issues. I don’t really see the point in this app though. It’s awesome that you can now stream your PS5 to your PS4, but I don’t ever see a case in which I’d use it.

With the launch of the PS5, my PS4 Pro is going into storage. It’s going to be unplugged and sit on my desk. I’ll keep it loaded up with the games I want to be installed but can’t fit on the PS5. This effectively gives me two consoles worth of storage, it’s just that only the ones on the PS5 have better visual fidelity. I don’t mind that, and it’s cheaper than buying the storage upgrades.

I understand that most people have multiple TV in their house today. I do, but my wife and I don’t connect consoles and other gadgets to all of them. There’s one in my office, and one main house TV, that’s it. If I plugged my PS4 Pro into the main house TV, I’d be preventing my wife from watching anything while I play. Trust me, she doesn’t want to watch me play.

This is where I struggle to see the point of this app on the PS4. Even if you have a TV in your room, and a second monitor, you’re never going to need to stream your PS5 to your PS4. I do understand that the app is necessary for streaming the PS5 to phones and PCs, but outside of those situations, I don’t get why you’d use the app on PS4. Maybe Sony just made the app function in this way as a coverall for every situation. To me though, it seems like they could have used that extra time somewhere else.

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