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Sony’s PlayStation 5 Launch Was Mean For UK Fans

On November 12, the PlayStation 5 launched around most of the world. It was well-received by pretty much everyone who picked it up, including critics who had been pulling it apart for weeks prior. While most people were enjoying unboxing their console and playing all those new games, those of us in the UK had an almost passive-aggressive situation from Sony. The console manufacturer delayed the launch of the console for us for one reason or another, most likely pandemic manufacturing issues in my opinion, but they didn’t delay the launch of everything that goes along with it.

I am, of course, talking about all of the accessories and games that players had pre-ordered alongside their console. Demon’s Souls, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and loads of accessories all launched around the world on November 12. But the console didn’t. The result was that all of these peripherals arrived in our homes in the UK, but no consoles to use them with were anywhere in sight. It’s an extremely strange move that I don’t think any console manufacturer has made before. I can tell you right now why they haven’t done it before as well. It hurts. It feels mean that Sony was able to get everything else apart from the console into our homes by November 12.

What this shows is that Sony was clearly planning a worldwide launch at one point. These smaller peripherals, such as accessories and games, are easy to make ahead of time. It’s the PlayStation 5 consoles themselves that were delayed. Earlier this year, when rumours that production had been hit with delays, Sony vehemently denied it. I’m now starting to think that they were lying. I don’t see how else everything else would be so readily available, and the console is this late for UK fans.

I still love Sony and the PlayStation ecosystem. It’s one I’ll always prefer over anything else. That undying love and dedication is born out of a love for the games though, not Sony. This company has damaged its relationship with all UK fans over the course of the past week. While the PlayStation 5 is out today, it’s not really enough to take back the fact that if Sony could only choose a small group of players to prioritise, it would be those in the US.