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Which Mass Effect Will You Replay First?


Bioware and EA have confirmed the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. It includes the original three Mass Effect games with all of their DLC, and they’re all remastered for modern consoles. I’m almost certain that this includes PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S. Even if it doesn’t, at this point backward compatibility is so powerful that it basically does. The problem that everyone is going to be faced with now is which one of these terrific games to play first? There are three fantastic entries to choose from, and each of them has their own strong points.

The Mass Effect Trilogy was released quite some time ago. It included all the games and most of their DLC, though not all of it for Mass Effect 3. EA were still trying to suck some money out of players. The Legendary Edition is a much better deal. Having all of that content in one place will make enjoying Bioware’s sci-fi epic so much easier. It’s also got a whole new set of trophies to collect on PlayStation 4 and 5, which is always a bonus.

I think that it’s going to be better to start the story off at the beginning. After all, the games will have been upgraded a lot since the PlayStation 3 version of the trilogy was made. That means each and every aspect will look and play better. If you’ve only played the trilogy through once, starting it all over again will be a real treat. That’s what I plan on doing anyway.

As for those who may have played the games a bit more recently, jumping in on Mass Effect 2 could be the best way to move forward. It’s arguably the best game in the trilogy, and won’t be one that you’re bored of starting over and over again. I also think that it has some of the best side missions in history.

Finally, if you’ve played the first two games to death, you can only go in on the third game to start with. It brings the story full circle and has a plethora of DLC to explore on top of that. I’d say that it’s not the best game in the trilogy, but it’s certainly a great place to remind yourself of why you love the series so much.

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