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5 Reasons You Should Go Back To Animal Crossing New Horizons, Today!


When it comes to ACNH, the initial excitement and novelty of terraforming your island, and grafting hard for your workbench, shovel, and ladder may have subsided. Indeed, even donning your victorian style swimsuit and diving for pearl may have lost its sheen, and you may not have played animal crossing New Horizons for a while now. 

However, there are so many good reasons to go and pick up your game again. Yes, that’s right it’s time for you to fire up your meme shirt, you know the one with the cat that has laser eyes, and dust off your frog cap, in-game of course, and re-immerse yourself in this charming game. Keep reading to find out why: 

ACNH developers listen to the players

One of the most significant reasons to pick up Animal Crossing New Horizons again is that the developers genuinely listen to the people that play the game. Yes, that’s right they checked Twitter, Reddit and other social media forums and listened to requests and advice suggested by IRL, bonafide players.

This is not a new phenomenon either, as we have already seen highly requested features included in updates throughout the year, such as the ability to access other players islands via dreams. However, in the latest Animal Crossing New Horizons update, which goes live on the 19th of November 2020, Nintendo have truly outdone themselves. 

They have listened to shopaholic and craftaholic players’ needs and added the ability to upgrade to 2400 lots of storage. Something that will have those of us that have been decorating the walls of our in-game houses with t-shirts, luchador costumes and balloon hats to save room, breathing a sigh of relief. 

That is not the only ANCH player suggestion that Nintendo have gone within this update either. Probably the most crucial development in this update is that it is now possible to transfer save data from one switch to another full stop. 

Of course, this is massive news for many players, especially those that have had the bad luck to struggle with faulty Switches. It also has ramifications for those that are looking to retain their hard-won items, while simultaneously restarting the game on another island. 

Seasonal updates 

As anyone that has played Animal Crossing New Horizons knows, the season updates are genuinely something to behold. So far, we have had summer updates that have allowed us to swim and dive for sea creatures and Halloween updates that have enabled us to grow pumpkins and decorate our towns in the most spooky fashion.

Indeed these updates are often what brings players back into the game after they have become a little jaded with the grind. The good news is that in the winter update we can expect some exciting seasonal events and decoration.

Dates to watch out for include the 26th of November 2020 which in-game is Turkey Day—otherwise known as Harvest Festival or Thanksgiving. On Turkey Day MasterChef Franklin (who takes the form of a turkey himself – make of this what you will) shall be visiting our island’s and setting up an outdoor kitchen and restaurants in the town square.  

Of course in true animal crossing New Horizons style you will have your part to play, and you must collect food ingredients from around your island and bring them back to Franklin so that he can cook them up into a delicious Turkey Day Feast!

Then there is Toy Day on the 24th of December 2020, which is essentially a Christmas themed event complete with trees decked in festive lights, piles of seasonally wrapped gifts, and Jingle the black nosed reindeer. An NPC who will ask you for help in distributing gifts to the residents of your town. Indeed what better way is there to spread a little Christmas cheer than this?

Amazing community 

Another reason you should definitely pick up Animal Crossing again is the wonderful community of people that surrounds it. Indeed, the online world can be a scary and alienating place, but for the most part, Animal Crossing New Horizon players seem to be happy only-too-willing to help others. 

In fact, this rare breed of gamers seem to spend a great deal of their time offering up items to be catalogued, opening up their islands for turnip buying and selling (gotta play that stalk market!), and generally being some of the kindest and most supportive people online.

Although, just like real life, not everyone you come across when playing Animal Crossing is a sweet angel baby. Therefore caution is always recommended when visiting other Islands or allowing them to visit yours. 

Indeed you can find some great advice on this r/ac_new horizons, as well as plenty of wonderful people to connect and share your Animal Crossing experience with subreddits such as: 


r/NoFee Ac 

There are even specific apps designed for Animal Crossing New Horizons players such as AC Fam and the ACNH guide. 

More diverse representation 

One more important reason you should go back and pick up Animal Crossing New Horizon again is that they are doing a great job of ensuring there is better racial representation within the game.

In this update are some fabulous hairstyles including a full Afro and a totally bald look, which have come as a welcome relief to many players in a game that is all about personalisation and customisation. Also, as Nintendo’s ACNH hasn’t had the best rep for racial diversity, most players are welcoming this a welcome step in the right direction. 


The final reason why you need to go back to ACNH is Gaston, the much underrated, cranky, yellow bunny with the Tom Selick moustache. Why is Gaston obviously the best resident in ACNH? Well, it’s because he calls you “mon chou” of course, and you can’t get any more gosh-darn cute than that! 

To that end, if you haven’t had the luck to find him so far, pick up your game and save up your Nook miles, or search out an Amiibo, as he is a sheer delight. Can you tell who my shiny is? 😉 

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