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The Online Gaming Industry in 2021

We can’t wait for 2020 to end and get into an exciting 2021. We can all agree that this hasn’t been the best year in our lives from many perspectives. The one industry that thrived in 2020 is the online gaming industry fuelled by global lockdowns and quarantines.

Thankfully, the new year is coming up fast. Everyone’s expecting it to be much better than this one, with many new gaming projects that should see the light of day in early 2021. With the release of new gaming consoles recently, the world is currently at the doorstep of next-gen gaming performance that could bring serious improvements to existing models.

What Can We Expect in 2021?

The gaming industry will be a blast in 2021. With the release of the brand-new PlayStation 5 and two Xbox series (X and S), next-gen titles will look and feel better than ever. These new gaming consoles have finally brought 4K gaming to the mainstream, so it might be time to upgrade that old plasma TV.

Numerous new games have already been announced, mainly because of the PS5 and new Xbox. A massive jump in generations is expected. Video games have been better than ever in the past few years, but in 2021, they will make the next step.

GPUs are already shaping up for new technologies such as ray tracing, making games look better than ever. Besides new video games, remasters have become quite popular in recent months, so we’re expecting a bunch of them as well.

Improvements are expected for the online casino gaming industry too. New MMOs will attract thousands of players, and social casino games are also shaping plenty of surprises. The online casino industry has grown significantly in 2020, and that march won’t stop in 2021. With new games announced and plenty of attractive bonuses, in the year 2021 you’ll easily find the tones of free spins for all the latest titles. The increased revenue of online casinos allows them to feature even bigger bonuses than before, and you can claim them all to play even more games than you’ve imagined.

Are New Technologies on the Horizon?

Absolutely! Next year is most likely the year when we will see more of VR gaming. So far, it has received a mixed response. VR equipment is still expensive, and outside of a few games, others have just been adapted to the new technology, not built on it.

VR gaming has been touted as the next level of gaming for a long time. It’s not just the video game industry that will see its benefits. Virtual Reality games and experiences have also been offered in the online gambling industry, allowing players to enjoy their favorite casino games from a completely new angle.

In the video gaming industry, we’re hoping to see more of ray tracing. So far, there haven’t been many titles supporting it and DLSR. For a while, only Nvidia was focused on ray tracing, but AMD has now entered the game.

While it’s mostly a cosmetic addition that polishes games visually, ray tracing will surely make games feel more alive than ever. The lightning effects have been great so far, but with ray tracing, they’ll reach a whole new level.

Mobile gaming is also expected to explore in 2021. The gaming industry is moving forward with its mobile plans. It’s now easier than ever to play any type of game on your mobile devices. No matter if it’s an MMO or an online slot, playing on the go has become the preferred way to play.

We’re very excited for 2021 in the gaming industry and so should you. With new technologies on the horizon and next-gen titles, it’ll surely be a blast.

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