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Greedfall Is Coming To PS5 and Xbox Series X/S


After launching to a mediocre reception with critics, Greedfall has gone on to sell 1 million copies around the world. That’s what the most-recent announcement around the game is telling us anyway. For me, the game contained the same essential essence that Dragon Age Origins does. The world is deep and expansive, leaving me eager to explore it more, and the story is so vast that I want to replay it over and over again to see everything that can possibly happen. Well, now I’m getting a second chance, since Greedfall has just been confirmed to be getting a PS5 and Xbox Series X/S version.

As you can see, that’s not all there is to this news. Greedfall is getting a new version for current consoles thanks to a brand new partnership between Nacon and Focus Home Intertactive. If you’ve ever played World War Z, you’ll know just how well Focus Home Entertainment can handle games. I adore that zombie shooter, and I adore Greedfall more now that I know that this company will be handling the port to my brand new consoles. That still isn’t it though.

As you can probably see in the tweet above, Greedfall is also getting a brand new expansion. This will be a piece of DLC that expands the game’s world and takes players to yet another new frontier. I have no details on where this will be, but judging from the base game’s themes, it’ll probably be another country that’s being savaged for its natural resources.

I’m thinking of this upcoming DLC as the Awakening expansion for Dragon Age Origins. That DLC was meaty and packed in dozens of hours of content. It’s so big that it feels like a game all on it’s own. A Dragon Age 1.5. I’m hoping that this upcoming expansion for Greedfall will be exactly the same. It can explore new areas of the world, and possibly even new factions that weren’t introduced in the base game. This could be an indication that the game is going to get a sequel, which would be absolutely incredible if true. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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