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Deathloop’s Haptic Feedback Is Insane


Sony has recently published a little blog post on what the haptic feedback in Deathloop will be like. It seems crazy to be discussing these kinds of details about game, because they’re not really part of the gameplay. Instead, they’re very much a part of the physicality of the game. How it will feel to play, and how it will change based on what the game is doing. While the PlayStation 5 is fresh, not a lot of other games will have these kinds of features, but I am very excited to see them spread throughout every game that comes to the platform.

The first thing I need to talk about is how the triggers will freeze up when your gun jams. This is going to be a common occurrence in Deathloop, because the weapons you pick up will be thrown together from bits and pieces on the island. They’re not state of the art, they’re simply tools of destruction that work some of the time. When your gun jams, the trigger will clip out. You’ll actually get this feedback before the screen shows Colt checking his gun. I don’t know about you, but I find that crazy, because now we’ll know about the gun jam before he does.

The next thing you need to know is reloading. When you slam a new clip into a weapon, or pour a bunch of nails into one, you’ll feel that happening in your hands. This is what haptic feedback was designed for. It’s also why I believe that the PlayStation 5 is the superior console of this new generation. The ability to feel the feedback of everything you’re doing on-screen removes the need for you to watch the HUD. You can focus on moving around the area, killing people as you go, and hitting reload when you feel that your gun needs a top-up.

This is going to make for all sorts of insane playthroughs. If there’s an option to turn the HUD off, you can bet that I’ll be playing that way. This is what total immersion sounds like, and it’s only a few months away somewhere in 2021.

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