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Hitman 3 Continues To Look Fantastic Leading Up to Launch


Leading up to its launch, we’re getting a lot of new stuff coming out for Hitman 3. Last week, we got a new trailer, and I think that there are some hidden gems in there in terms of details. We already know that this is going to be the final Hitman game for a while and that it’s the culmination of the current storyline. Whatever happens, will rock the world of assassination like nothing else. All I’m concerned about is the replayability though, and there’s certainly a lot of that. Let’s dive into the trailer and then look at what seems to be new in the game, which launches early in 2021.

Kicking things off with the new tech, Agent 47 now has a camera. This isn’t something he uses to snap photos of himself with while out in an exotic new location. Instead, it’s a tool of assassination. He appears to be able to use the camera to hack objects within each location. In the trailer, it hacks a window open, but I reckon it could be used to hack all sorts of things. We’ll probably have to find these items as players, but that just opens up the locations for even more exploration. There are so many more possibilities when you’ve got a hacking tool like this at your disposal.

The next thing I think we should discuss is the fact that some targets are only going to appear for a limited time. I’m namely talking about the Dubai mission, which is where the time-limited factor is mentioned in the trailer. since each target is important, and has bodyguards and a schedule, they’ll hardly be hanging around forever will they? This means that we need to get to them and kill them before they head off into the sunset. I can foresee a lot of different methods for killing them as they leave opening up. We had something similar in Hitman 2, with a cannon being fired at a plane. In Hitman 3 I’d love to see something more devious, like a piano being dropped on a target as they leave the building. Hopefully there’s a good balance though.

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