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Sephiroth Is Coming To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate With An Obscenely Long Sword


Last week, a number of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans got their wishes granted. News that Sephiroth is coming to the game was revealed, and a few players out there exploded. Just kidding, but they did blow up with excitement judging by the reaction videos you can find online. I myself am also pretty excited by the news. It’s a new character that leans more on Nintendo introducing third-party characters into their core series, and that’s what everyone wants. It’s also (just about mind you) a darker character that doesn’t necessarily include any death or blood thanks to its source material. Instead, we get links with Final Fantasy 7 and Kingdom Hearts, which is really lovely, not really nasty.

With Sephiroth now entering the fray, I think that Nintendo has opened up the game to way more characters to be included in the future. While the game still looks good, there’s no need to release a new one, they can just keep on adding characters until there are too many for people to count, like in League of Legends. I think this will open the game up massively, even to players who may. have avoided it because they don’t really enjoy the Smash franchise. I’ll admit that I haven’t been playing that regularly, but this will definitely draw me back in.

I’ve really enjoyed seeing the community’s feedback to the announcement. I have to say that the following tweet is my favourite though.

Only someone who is truly excited about spearing everyone with that sword would work out how many dead Marios fit on it. It’s an iconic part of Sephiroth, so I’m glad that Nintendo hasn’t nerfed the sword in any way. It even looks like there will be some sort of ultimate form for him when we reach the end of a battle, but that probably won’t be revealed until we get him in the game.

I wonder what other Final Fantasy characters might be a good fit for this game? Immediately I go to Tidus from Final Fantasy X because that was the game that introduced me to the series. I’ll never forget it, and now all I want is to see Tidus beating Sephiroth in the game.

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