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Hitman 3’s Opening Cinematic Suggests Dubai Is The First Mission


Io Interactive has provided IGN with a big old exclusive when it comes to Hitman 3. They gave them the opening cinematic to post out last week, which I think is pretty damn interesting. The video is stunning, showing off a few different areas of the game, but mostly what appears to be India. Agent 47 is moving through all of these with his new buddy, and both of them are on the warpath against those who have been controlling them for years and years. Check out the prologue video below and see if you agree with what I’ve put in the title, that this game is going to start out in Dubai.

As you can see, the cinematic opens up by trying to set the story that’s on the way. This game is going to see Agent 47 take down the people who have been trying to control him for his entire life. They’re the ones that he wants to see destroyed, and he’s got the tools to do it. What I think is the most interesting part is the end, when 47 is leaping out of a plane, and we’ve seen that giant skyscraper that we know is in Dubai just before this.

The opening for Hitman 2 did something similar. It told the game’s little backstory early on, but then led to Agent 47 on a boat, heading towards a beach. That then led into the opening mission for the game, which is the beautiful beachhouse. That mission is designed to teach you how to play the game, but it’s also got a layer of advanced difficulty later on when you come back to replay it.

This is what I see happening in Hitman 3. Considering all of the new mechanics that are going to be in play, I think Io Interactive has built us a level to get our heads around those new concepts with. They’re then going to make it the focus of new challenges, Escalations, and Contracts as the game gets older. I’m so excited to see what this game has in store for us, and I can’t wait to enjoy it all alongside other fans when it finally launches in January 2021.

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