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The Dubai Mission In Hitman 3 Is Very Different


Last week, the first 5 minutes to Hitman 3‘s opening mission were officially revealed, and they’re very different to anything we’ve seen before. Just from the conversations that are happening, it’s easy to assume that you must kill the two targets in The Sceptre, the location, within a short period of time and without alerting anyone. That’s because it seems like one will make a run for it if they find out that the other has been killed. These targets all have a personal relationship with Agent 47 in some shape or form, even if they don’t know it. That’s why they’re so new and interesting because this isn’t just soulless assassination anymore, it’s personal.

Agent 47 also starts this mission out on the edge of the building. He’s at risk from falling, showing that he’s gone to great lengths to get into a position where he can kill his targets. That’s another aspect of the mission that makes it all seem so much more personal.

However, for all the differences, this is still a game in the reboot Hitman trilogy. The mission takes place during a big opening party, and it’s reminiscent of the first mission in the first game in this trilogy. There, Agent 47 had no ties to the targets, he was just killing them because he’d been ordered to. The party was packed, and difficult to work around if you didn’t know where to go. Dubai looks to be exactly the same, and will almost certainly have some handy nooks and crannies to hide away in.

With this mission, I think we can see what we should expect from the rest of the game. The missions will no doubt feel familiar in their own way, but I think they’ll also be incredibly different to what has come before. This is the last game in the trilogy, so it makes sense that Io Interactive is going all out with what they’re offering. I can’t wait to see how many times I can replay this level before I get bored, and how many user-generated Contracts swarm the servers on the first day of release.

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