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Do These Things First In Hitman 3 This Weekend

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 launched this week, and if you’re reading this you’re probably very excited about playing it this weekend. The thing about Hitman games is that they’re absolutely packed with content, there is just so much to do across every single location, and then there’s the user-generated content to take on as well. That might seem quite daunting, but I think I’ve got the order that you should be doing things in sorted so that you feel like you’ve gotten enough out of the game over the weekend that you haven’t either wasted your time, or simply missed huge chunks of the experience.

1 – Play The Story

This really is quite an obvious one, but it still needs saying. Play Hitman 3’s story through first. You’ll see every location, get an idea for every area, and avoid any spoilers that will come out next week. It’s worth going this before anything else because you might ruin the story for yourself if you go into the other gameplay aspects before finishing the campaign.

2 – Try Escalation Contracts

The Escalation Contracts of the Hitman Reboot Trilogy are phenomenal. They’re contracts that start out with one objective, and then evolve to have five or so by the time you’re done with them. They’re also extremely time-consuming. You’ll want to be taking on maybe one or two of these in your first weekend with the game. Don’t overstretch yourself and try them all. Instead, pick your favourite location, and take on the Escalation Contracts from there to start with.

3 – Try A User-Generated Contract

Finally, after all of that, try out a couple of community-created contracts. These will be coming thick and fast, but you don’t need to play them all. Just find one that looks good and try it out. If you enjoy it, try another. Do this a few times to get an idea of what’s going on in this part of the game. If you really like it, you could even make your own contract if you really wanted to. The world is your oyster at this point with the game, and it’ll all help you get closer to a platinum trophy that I know you’re dying to get.