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Hitman 3’s Final Mission Is Super Underwhelming


Having played quite a lot of Hitman 3 at this point, I’ve been through almost everything that the game has to offer players that’s new. Unfortunately, that also means that I’ve played through every story mission in the campaign. While you’d think that meant that I’ve seen the culmination of everything that makes Hitman great, and that’s true, it actually means that I’ve seen where this game lets the series down. The last mission doesn’t fit well with the rest of the game and feels like a rushed effort. I really hate saying this, but I think Io Interactive could have done better for the final moment in the last Hitman Reboot Trilogy game.

Spoilers ahead, but I won’t mention the story too much. 

The final mission in Hitman 3 sees Agent 47 on a train. The entire mission is one long path, which in itself isn’t terrible. I quite like the change of pace, being forced to take down enemies and sneak around them in a linear path. It feels different, but in a way that’s enjoyable because it’s only this once. What I hate is the fact that here, you’re able to kill every enemy, and at some points, there’s just no way to avoid them.

There are ICA agents all over the train, and some of them are so well-armoured that you need grenades and guns to take them down so you can advance. That isn’t Hitman to me. There’s no alternative path, instead, you have to take these guys down. I understand that the story is trying to show how determined Agent 47 is to kill this last mark, but it still doesn’t feel like a natural fit. It’s also a lot more frustrating than it is fun.

Hitman 3 has some solid game mechanics, that’s undeniable. However, shooting and combat aren’t great, and that’s what this last mission relies on quite heavily. I seriously had a hard time getting through the train just because of how annoying this mission becomes. Unfortunately, this moment sees the Hitman Reboot Trilogy go out with a fart, not a bang. Hopefully Io Interactive introduces enough post-launch content that we forget this tragedy.

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