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Do We Need To Worry About The Villagers In Resident Evil Village?


Resident Evil Village is a game of many features. There’s the whole aspect of Ethan Winters being in this mysterious village looking for his stolen daughter, then there are the vampires, and of course, there are the werewolves. It’s all a bit mental. One thing I don’t see anyone worrying about though, are the villagers themselves. These are people who are going about their lives among these werewolves and vampires, and I don’t understand why we’re not all a bit more concerned about them.

Here’s where my head is at right now. There are vampires bringing people into this region and experimenting on them. They’re clearly testing to see if their variant of whatever Umbrella virus they have will take. If it does, it seems like they then deposit those people into the village itself. This is where I presume the people are coming from. If not, I don’t see why they’d stick around at all.

However, I also think that a large portion of these villagers are werewolves. We’ve seen gameplay footage with big groups of the wolf-like creatures, so it stands to reason that some of the villagers will turn eventually. I wonder if everyone is infected and able to turn, and it’s just a matter of in-game time going by.

There are two very serious problems that Ethan Winters faces. Inside buildings, or in the dark of night, vampires can freely move around and hunt him down. In the day though, it looks like the werewolves will be doing the hunting. There’s no chance of catching a break.

I reckon that over the course of the game, more villagers will transform as they succumb to the virus, or are forced to. We’ve seen this relationship between the infector and infected in Resident Evil 7. An influence can be exerted, so it makes sense that the villagers could be enslaved. This could lead to some very sticky situations as players are returning to areas on a regular basis.

To top all this off, the game looks to be heavily inspired by Resident Evil 4. The villagers were nuts in that game, so I see no reason why these villagers should be any different.

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