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Now Is The Perfect Time To Get Into Nioh


The Nioh Collection has just been released for PC and PS5. This is a remastered version of both Nioh and Nioh 2, giving players a new way to get into both games in one place. While they’re incredibly challenging to play, they’re also two of the best games out there. If you’re into soulslike games, then Nioh is a potential goldmine for replayability in this genre. The combat is brutal, the multiplayer is interesting, and the worlds that you’re exploring are some of the best that you’ll see in games. The reason that right now is the best time to play though, is because of the huge number of people staying at home.

The Nioh franchise is built on players interacting. Yes, there’s a story to explore where you’re working your way through some incredibly challenging bosses. It’s all the soulslike stuff boiled into a concentrated form with new and interesting mechanics. Right now though, so many people will be playing it that it couldn’t be more enjoyable. You can summon the ghosts of other players from their graves and fight them for the gear they’re wearing. You can also summon them to help you out in your game if you need them.

There are also nightmarish versions of each mission that are so much more challenging because they’re filled with enemy players. This is where I think the game excels, and it’s definitely the most fun you can have in them. If you play them in a year or so though, there won’t be nearly as many players to butt heads with. I think that as many people as possible should be playing these games right now. We’re all stuck inside due to the pandemic, so we need something to keep us entertained. In terms of sheer value for money, the Nioh games will repay you just from the multiplayer elements alone.

If you’re reading this a few years down the line, these games are still well worth playing. I’d say that they’re better than the Dark Souls series, though that’s a judgment that you’ll have to make for yourself.

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