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Dartmoor Is The Best Location In Hitman 3


Hitman 3 has been out for a little while now, and I’ve been playing it almost every day since it launched. I can’t get enough of the gameplay that this title has to offer. It’s been refined over and over since the first game in the reboot trilogy, and everything just feels right. With all of the challenges out there to unlock, there’s no reason not to just jump into a location and just take on the challenge of unlocking a few more achievements. One thing I have been thinking about a lot is Sapienza, the best location in Hitman 2, and how Dartmoor is easily the best location in Hitman 3.

You come to Dartmoor early on in the game. It’s just as the story is starting to kick off, and sets the tone for the rest of the game’s locations. It’s also got some of the best story missions and themes I think there have ever been in a Hitman game. Since it’s got a huge country house in the middle of the map, the theme for this location obviously has to be a murder mystery, it couldn’t be any other way. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg in what makes it so great.

Dartmoor is filled with loads of separate locations that all meld together. There are the staff areas such as the kitchen, and then the main house. There’s also the garden, and of course the general exterior. All of these areas could be locations in their own right, but they come together to form an intricate maze for players to work their way through here.

Sapienza was simply so full of stuff to do and NPCs in general that it felt massive in a tiny space. Dartmoor is just as small and packed. It’s got those great story missions, loads of challenges related to the thousands of items around the location, and tonnes of potential for messing the NPCs around the place. Every time I load it up, I’m excited to try something new, because it’s so big that you can’t do everything in one go. Were Io Interactive ever to revisit Hitman in the future, after their James Bond game, my hope is that they base the locations on Sapienza and Dartmoor.

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