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The Gameplay Of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Looks Great

Frogwares has had a very tough time with their games of late. After being screwed over by a publisher, they’re just about getting back on their feet. Proof of this comes from the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One gameplay teaser. It gives us just enough to get excited for the game, but not enough that we can predict everything that’s coming. This game looks like a big departure from the older Sherlock games, and I’m quite excited by the new adventures that Frogwares can send him on in this new untethered form. Check out the teaser below and read on for some thoughts.

First, please take note of how good Sherlock Holmes looks. This younger version of the character is something that most people don’t imagine. Instead, we usually think of an older man, if not an old man, someone who has a lot of age and experience behind them. This cocky young version of the character is exactly what 2021 needs.

There is a mention of both a hotel and an island in the trailer while Sherlock beats someone up. I think that the game must be set on some exotic island where the only thing around is a hotel. This means that the location will mostly be restricted to the building, but the number of floors will make it possible to have huge amounts of exploration I’m sure.

These sorts of locations are always great for games because you can go a little wild with the architecture. There are so many quirky island hotels out there to look at that something strange would look right at home. I think we’ll be going into hidden passageways and sub-sub-basements before the story is over. However, I’d also like to uncover a secret base on the beach somewhere, that would be truly tantalising.

Hopefully, this gives Frogwares the boos they need in 2021. The company hasn’t had a proper new release in years, and this game doing well would help them get back to doing what they love. More and more mysteries await, and 2021 is still the perfect time for a gem like this to release to a relatively captive audience since people are all stuck at home.