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Hitman 3’s MinnMax Featured Contracts Are Delightful


For the whole of February, Hitman 3 is getting drops of new content for free. There are three new Escalation Contracts, an Elusive Target, and a bunch of new Featured Contracts. At the time of writing, 5 new Featured Contracts created by the MinnMax Show have just been added. I’ve played through all of them, and have finished them with a Silent Assassin rating too. I can confirm that they’re absolutely brilliant, even if some of them aren’t as complex as some of the other user-created contracts out there. The MinnMax team went all out with these, and you can really feel that in the quality of the contracts.

Every contract has two targets. I would love to see how they put these together because they’re completely random at times, but then intricately linked in others. At times, it’s obvious how they were made, but then they throw a complete curve ball your way with another contract. What I love the most about them is that all of the objectives for disguises and weapons are optional. This means that you get additional points of experience for completing the kill with those optional objectives, but you don’t fail if you end up missing them.

To complete all of these in Silent Assassin is a real challenge. I spent about 10 hours over the weekend trying to get the last one. Part of the issue is the NPCs having glitches when detecting distractions, at least it looks like it is. The other part was me trying to be too clever. I won’t spoil it, but there’s something really obvious that I was missing in the beginning, and I bet you are too.

If you haven’t played these Featured Contracts yet, then please do. You can find them in the Featured Contracts section of the game. Up until today, these will have been highlighted. However, today we get a new Escalation Contract. I’ll report back on how good that one is once I’ve smashed out every level of it. My only hope at this point is that it has 5 levels instead of the 3 levels that every other Escalation has had so far.

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