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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist Looks Great


Ubisoft has officially given us a proper look at the next season for Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Crimson Heist. The season adds a brand new Operator to the game, as well as a new secondary weapon for others to use. The dynamics of every match will once again change alongside this Operator’s ability, which should make for an absolutely explosive new era for the game. This is also the beginning of year 6 for the game, a taste of what’s to come for the next year in Siege, and so far things are looking very good.

We were given a small teaser for Operation Crimson Heist last week, but it wasn’t until the weekend that we got a look a the glorious new Operator. Flores is the new name in the game, and he’s got a look that’s just about as stylish as his name is. He packs a supreme punch with his gadget, a drone with a bomb strapped to it. The bomb perpetually moves, making it hard to control, but once stopped and triggered, it’ll armour up and cause an explosion that destroys both traps and Operators. The drawback is that this device takes a good three seconds to detonate, and can be shot while in motion.

As with all the recent seasons, this one comes with a map update. This time around it’s Border that has a new rework. It’s got new staircases and openings to make running from one point to another a lot smoother, yet more challenging. It should make for some interesting runs as players get used to the classic map’s new layout.

Overall, this season does seem to be pulling in everything that the last few have. The lack of two new Operators is now par for the course, and I don’t think too many players will mind. However, I do think that the map rework might be so subtle that players don’t even care. This is where Ubisoft needs to be putting in all the work, otherwise the season will feel like half an attempt. Hopefully, I’m proved wrong when the season drops in early March.

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