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Slot Games That Take You on an Adventure

Slot games are currently the UK’s favourite online casino game, turning over millions of pounds in revenue every year. While the basic mechanics of slots have remained essentially unchanged since their creation over 100 years ago – spin the reels, line up symbols, win prizes – there have been hundreds of new eye-catching designs, all made possible by the move to digital displays.

With developers keen to tap into a booming market, it’s not unusual to see new online slots released every week. While some stick to tried and tested formulae, others have decided to offer a twist on the classic playstyle. From changing the number of reels to having tumbling tiles instead, playing in a spiral, circle, or diamond design, and the addition of any number of bonus tiles, there are some truly innovative slots out there.

One of the reasons why online slots are so popular is that they require no skill or prior knowledge in order to start playing. Simply decide how much to bet and hit the start button, the game will do the rest. While you do have to make a few decisions – such as which reels to hold or whether to double down – there’s no advanced strategy and no human opponents to outwit, unlike other casino games such as poker and blackjack. This makes online slots the perfect beginner’s game and an easy way to unwind and relax while having fun and maybe even making some money along the way.

Slot Themes

With so many different slot games out there, software developers have to try hard to make their designs appealing and interesting to players. They do this by choosing immersive themes. Stunning graphics are backed up with sounds, music, and animations to transport you to another world. One of the most popular online slot themes is the adventure slot, and even this category has numerous different subsections. Safari adventures, treasure hunting, fantasy quests, and even pirates all feature, seeking to pull you into their world.

Majority of slot providers opt for themes of an adventure such as fantasy quests.

Fun Escapism

There have been some massive slot pay-outs in recent years, but those hitting the millions and few and far between. Most people who play online slots don’t do so in the hope that it will make them rich, they do so because they are fun. Playing an adventure slot for an hour can be an enjoyable escape from the real world. What better way to spend the evening after a day at the office than emersed in a world of jungle ruins and gemstones?

Some slots are based on real places or historical events, like the legend of King Arthur or Mayan mythology. Others take place in entirely fictional surroundings and feature fantasy creatures like elves and goblins. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best adventure slots to choose from.

Real-life historical events are popular themes for online slot games. 

Top Adventure Slots

Gonzo’s Quest

One based on real historical events is Gonzo’s Quest. Transport yourself to 1541 and follow intrepid Spanish explorer Gonzalo Pizarro as he searches through the Aztec jungle, looking for the lost golden city of Eldorado. Spin the reels of stone blocks, each featuring an intricately carved face, and smash through matching symbols to discover the gold. Gonzo himself will be right by your side, as an excitable little avatar who leads you through the ruins. Gonzo’s Quest has 5 reels and 20 pay lines, and with an RTP of 96% is reasonably generous with its rewards. You can play Gonzo’s Quest on your mobile device too, as it’s NetEnt’s first truly mobile slot.

John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure

If you prefer fiction to reality, you could do a lot worse than the John Hunter series of slots. A good place to start is John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure. Featuring 5 reels with 6 lines, you get a massive play screen full of opportunities. Vibrant creatures stalk the pay lines, including jaguars, toucans, and snakes, and the background of a torchlit temple makes this slot fully immersive. This slot has a high volatility, meaning that players can go a long time without a win, although this means that when the symbols do line up, you’ll be due a big pay-out.

Mining Fever

For even more fantasy adventure fun there’s Mining Fever, a fun-filled romp through the underground world of dwarves. Following three brothers as they try to find the gold and gems hidden in the rocks, you have three corresponding scatter symbols which can trigger bonus features that will have you hammering, stacking, and even bombing wilds around the reels. Collect three scatters and you’ll trigger free spins and the Dwarven Mine Train which will chug its way across the reels. Mining Fever is one of the best-looking slots around, but its low volatility means that it pays little and often, with no lifechanging jackpots in sight.


Modern online slots are full colour productions, with all the sights and sounds you would expect from movies and video games combined with the chance to win real money. With no skill involved, anyone can create an account and start playing, and they stand just as much of a chance of walking away a winner as everyone else who plays. What better way to go on an adventure, without having to leave the sofa!

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