Double Discounts for PlayStation Plus Members in the PlayStation Store (Deal Ends on March 4)!

Looks like it is that time again! While some people live for things like black Friday, the real discounts for games are when Sony is doing their double discount for PlayStation Plus members. Sony isn’t holding back this time. More than 200 titles are eligible for the double discount promotion.

Games that are normally on the more pricey side like the Borderlands 3 Ultimate edition have come down all the way up to about 35 Pounds. Talking about absolute gems of a game: Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate edition has come down all the way to 30.59 pounds. That is a 66% discount on still one of the most popular games around!

For fans of faraway destinations, Far Cry 5 is on sale too. At 76% off there isn’t a better time to buy it than right now. All you need to do is go to Startselect and get a PlayStation Plus subscription.

If you aren’t into adventure games, 200 titles gives you quite a huge range of genres to choose from. You can start in the morning playing F1 2020: Deluxe Schumacher Edition racing in an F1 in Dubai. In the afternoon you can check out Assassin’s Creed Origins Gold Edition and stalk the streets of ancient Egypt. In the evening you can relax doing some Grand Theft Auto V: premium edition and make the city of San Andreas unsafe. All of this under 60 pounds due to the massive discounts on offer.

Due to the double discount, you can pick up quite a few games at absolute bottom prices. Both Ark: Survival Evolved and God of War are only £7,99 each. Lots of other absolute must-play games are available at lower than ever prices. You can browse through the PlayStation Store’s entire catalog to check if that game you have been wanting to play for a while is on sale now.

Becoming a PlayStation Plus member gives you a lot more than double discounts. You also get access to the online multiplayer and get two free PS games every month. That means you get 24 free games on a year-to-year basis! All you have to do is use Startselect to get your PlayStation Plus subscription. However, you need to be fast! The PlayStation Double Discount is ending on the 4th of March. So be quick and use your PSN card to purchase games.

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