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Exciting Mobile Games to Play Today

Mobile Gaming

Mobile devices have gone through several technological innovations that made them a go-to choice for gaming on the move. Actually, mobile gaming is exceeding all other forms of gaming on any other device. In fact, it’s expected for the mobile gaming market to reach a worth of $200 billion by 2023.

There are a lot of reasons why mobile games are appealing to a global audience, but mainly, the titles are of game-console quality, and there are many free options. But, as the number of games grows, it can get more difficult to pick a great title. If you miss a new exciting mobile game that you can play on your tablet or smartphone, we got your back. Let’s take a look at some thrilling and fun titles that you can download today.


If you’re familiar with the arcade game Breakout, this game is very similar to it. The main goal is to use the ball to break the bricks. But, there’s a catch, you can’t let the bricks come near to the ground. It’s that simple, but it can get more challenging as you reach new levels. This is a great time-killer for non-gamers, and you can download it from AppStore and Google Play.

Mobile Casino Games

The main reason for the hype around casino games, is that they are accessible on both Android and iOS devices, and you can play mobile-optimized casino games whenever you want on your smartphone.

Moreover, you can find or reputable UK online casino that brings top titles from industry-leading brands. So, you are able to play the quality casino games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack, craps, and many other table and live casino games. If you want to play slots, there’s also no shortage of options that obviously feature high-quality graphics and creative themes.

Solar Explorer: New Dawn

This is an impressive mobile game inspired by the arcade video game Lunar Lander. The main premise centered around the future where humanity is looking to colonize the planets of the solar system, and your job is to bring colonists and fulfill over 40 important missions.

Another advantage is that you get to explore alien worlds that have fantastic graphics. It goes towards mentioning that there are re-playable missions where you can collect bonuses and points which will help you along your journey. There are also more difficult modes for experienced players. You can check out this game on Google Play and the App Store.

Telling Lies

If you’re looking for a compelling and unique mobile game, then make sure to check out this award-winning title. The concept of the game is unique, and you will need to solve a murder by getting acquainted with secret video conversations on a laptop that has an NSA database. As you watch the videos, you gather more clues about the mystery, and you get acquainted with the main suspects.

The game requires logical thinking, and it provides an unforgettable, immersive gaming experience. It is directed by Sam Barlow, and it stars Marshall-Green, Kerry Bishé, Marshall-Green, Alexandra Shipp, Angela Sarafyan, among others. You can download it for iOS devices.

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