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Get Ready For Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer Today


Today, multiplayer game modes finally drop in Watch Dogs Legion. This is something that we’ve been waiting for since the game released. Both Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2 had multiplayer modes at launch, but Watch Dogs Legion has been lacking it. This, I believe, has been a deliberate move by Ubisoft to allow players to explore the world of London, and get through the story. As someone who is still working through it, I’m already ready for the multiplayer modes, and I don’t think it’ll ruin the game for me. Check out the preview for the game mode below.

As you can see, there are three key activities in this first wave of multiplayer content. First, there’s the general online mode. This drops you into the same world of London and tasks you with starting from scratch again. This is because it would give you an unfair advantage to bring all sorts of superpowered Londoners into the online game mode. Recruiting no longer requires you to complete a mission for every NPC, but you do need to earn experience points in order to get them. Once you’ve got a few recruits, you can take on some multiplayer missions, which are all pretty different from the base game’s.

The toughest of these missions are Tactical Ops. They require four players to be split into two teams and sent on their separate ways. Teams must simultaneously hack two nodes whilst also defending themselves. It’s all a bit crazy, but in practice, it looks like it can be a lot of fun as well. These are the raids of Watch Dogs Legion’s multiplayer mode and may serve to create the intense experience players are after.

Finally, we have the Spiderbot arena. This is a casual multiplayer game mode that’s designed for quick drop-in drop-out action. It’s also the only way to fight other players in the game as of today. This is where I expect most players to spend their time, at least today, but we’ll have to see if the main multiplayer game mode ends up taking off. If it does, it could be a new lease of life for the game and fan base.

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