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A Water-Cooled PS5 Could Soon Be A Reality


A PC modder has been messing around with the PS5 and has managed to make something incredible. The modder is called Nhenhophach, as reported by VGC, and has taken their prowess in modding PCs to Sony’s new hardware. The main reason for this is because the PS5’s fan is the core reason that it’s so tall and looks terrible. It’s honestly one of the ugliest consoles I’ve ever owned. While the water-cooled version shown in the videos from this modder aren’t perfect, they look ten times better than what Sony’s designers came up with. The fact that it’s water-cooled is also quite nice, though I have to question how viable this is.

In fairness, the modder still needs to do a lot of testing with this water-cooled feature. They say that there’s no way to properly test how cool the chips are. All they can do is test the temperature of the liquid and monitor it to try to ensure that the chips don’t overheat. Once they’ve worked out the kinks, they’re actually working on bringing the unit to market. This would probably take the form of a kit that you can install with an instructional video. I don’t see Sony allowing anyone to sell modded PS5s. Only last year they shut down a modder selling cracked PS4 systems, though they were filled with illegal ROMs.

I would definitely jump at the chance to buy a water-cooling kit for my PS5. There are a few companies offering new skins for the device, but it’s the overall look that I find unappealing. Whilst it might be complicated, I think the effort would be worth it because of the massive change it would make. If you could change the colour of the lights to orange, that would sell me.

Modding consoles is becoming a little more popular as more YouTube videos show off how easy it can be. Still, I think there will be a big market for companies that mod the console for you and send it back. That’s going to be a hard sell though, particularly since these consoles cost around £500 each.

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