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The Latest Monster Hunter Rise Trailer Looks Awesome


Earlier this week, we got a stunning new look at Monster Hunter Rise. There was a short livestream even that was purely focused on Monster Hunter, and it made the upcoming Switch exclusive look absolutely phenomenal. The brand new trailer shines a little bit more light on what The Rampage is, but it’s basically just more of what you love to see from the game. It’s got more monsters, more battles, much more world to see, and a lot of action. While it does make the game look far more action-oriented, you can definitely see that the RPG elements, which are core to the series, are very much still present.

As you can see, there’s a lot of focus on the title monster, Manamalo. I think that the reason we’re getting so much face time from this monster is that it looks incredible, but also because this game is going to evolve far beyond it within months. At the end of the trailer, we already know what’s coming about one month after the game launches. It shows a monster called Chameleos that can change its skin color to hide in plain sight. I know that might not seem scary to seasoned players, but I am terrified.

Overall, this trailer really does completely change my perception of the game. Traditionally, I’ve always thought of Monster Hunter games as solo experiences. You go into the world, find the monster, kill it, come back, make something, and then go out again. Here though, it’s more about the world, fighting lots of things along the way, and working with other hunters. There’s a lot to be said for the co-op focus, and I think that comes from the success of Monster Hunter World.

I think the fact that we’re already getting updates teased to us shows that there’s a long future of post-launch content for Monster Hunter Rise. I can’t see Capcom leaving this game to sit on its laurels for too long. I think we’ll be getting updates almost every month. While some of them won’t add monsters, we’ll always have something fresh to pursue, and that’s what will be the key to making this game a huge success.

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