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Will Techland Reveal Dying Light 2 As A VR Title?


As you’ve all probably heard by now, Techland is revealing something big and new for Dying Light 2 tomorrow. I’m just hoping for a release date, but when you think about how much support Dying Light has had, and what the developer has done with it, your mind starts to wonder. Now, I’m thinking that Techland could turn around tomorrow and show is a brand new Dying Light 2. One that has VR compatibility right out of the box. Not only would this be really awesome, it would also totally change the VR landscape for the better, starting with PSVR.

Dying Light has had six full years of support. Bug fixes have been regularly pushed out, and the game has seen more events and content packs than most MMOs. It even got a DLC that I’m pretty sure was never on the cards when it first launched. Now, it’s one of the most iconic first-person zombie games ever made. It’s also got the best implementation of parkour in that first-person perspective that I’ve ever seen in a game. Mirror’s Edge was great, but this is open-world first-person parkour, an entirely different thing altogether.

If Techland shows us a trailer and then drops the VR bomb tomorrow, a lot of people will be very excited. VR games have peaked with Half-Life: Alyx, and outside of that you need to head to PSVR for the best VR gaming experiences. To have something new in the form of a game from a developer that has proven how well they can make something would be incredible. It would change the face of VR gaming, and probably attract even more people to the growing segment of the games industry.

I have no doubt that if Dying Light 2 is VR compatible, it’ll be the best that it possibly can be. With Sony pushing a new VR product for the PS5, it only makes sense that games like this move into that scene. This is where they can make their mark and carve out a niche for those who are truly invested in VR. All we have to do now is wait and see what Techland tells the world.

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