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Prepare For The Stowaway In Hitman 3 Right Now


As we saw in Hitman 3’s March roadmap, this week we’re getting another Elusive Target. While it’s yet another rerun, it’s still something new to try out in the game, and gives us all another reason to jump back into this wonderful title. This one is called The Stowaway and was originally released in Hitman 2. As with the first Elusive Target for Hitman 3, there’s a possibility that the target has been tweaked slightly to keep things interesting. Overall though, I expect this mission to be very much the same as it was when it first launched. That’s definitely not a bad thing though, because it means we can all prepare for it.

The first thing you should do to prepare for this Elusive Target is to ensure you have the location unlocked in Hitman 3. It’s set on the Isle of Sgàil. You can unlock this by purchasing the pass for all Hitman 2 locations from within Hitman 3. This will instantly unlock the locations, you won’t need to download them all again. From there, you can either play through the entire story of Hitman 2, or just experience that location.

I’d recommend just playing this location. Jump in and play through the story mission at your own pace. This will give you the chance to unlock all the areas and gain some experience here. It’ll help you gain some map knowledge before you actually have to try to take on The Stowaway.

The thing about Elusive Targets is that once you start completing objectives, as in killing targets, you can’t restart. you only have one proper chance to play. This means that map knowledge is key. It’s worth doing a few runs in the Elusive Target where you just watch the target and see where they go. Plan out the kill carefully and you’ll be able to get a rank of Silent Assassin, as long as you’re careful. The beauty of this being an older Elusive Target is that you can watch older Silent Assassin runs to prepare. As I mentioned though, be prepared to mix up the strategies in case Io Interactive has changed a few things about the mission.

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