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Why It’s Important That Io Interactive Is Actively Supporting Hitman 3

rapacious suit hitman 3

Last week, Io Interactive announced the Seven Deadly Sins expansions of seasonal content for Hitman 3. These are the first step that Io Interactive is taking to help them continue to support the game as long as people are playing it. We all knew that the game couldn’t continue to get free content every month forever, and this paid expansion is how that content will be funded moving forward. The first two months of free stuff has been okay, but I’ve always felt like it needed more. I have the Deluxe Edition of the game, so I’ve had even more content than those without it, and it still hasn’t felt like enough honesty.

With the Seven Deadly Sins expansion, we have to pay a small premium, and we get four to six weeks worth of content. That’s all on top of the free stuff that Io Interactive puts out. This could mean double the Escalations, Featured Contracts, and even Elusive Targets. At this point, we don’t know, but I anticipate this being the way to get something new in the game every week. That’s what this game needs to survive, and that’s what it’s going to take to keep players engaged for years.

Hitman 3 has never appeared to me to be an MMO or game-as-a-service, but it definitely is. Players rely on the constant feed of fresh content to consume. Sure, there’s a lot to go through in Hitman 1 and 2, but it’s still a finite amount of game time. Additional content means more time spent in the game, perfecting your skills, and working for more Silent Assassin runs. It’s not all missions though. Io Interactive is also adding in new items to earn by playing what’s already in the game in a certain way.

This is what you usually see in an MMO, but it works so well in this single-player setting as well. I’d actually argue that it’s better because you don’t have an army around you showing off the new content before you can already think about it. The future is bright for Hitman 3, but only if Io Interactive continues to provide premium content.

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