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Will Players Buy The Seven Deadly Sins Expansion For Hitman 3?


While Io Interactive has announced a new series of seasonal content for Hitman 3, it’s all premium stuff. This means that you actually have to pay for the new content coming to the game. Io Interactive has tripped before with this style of premium content on their Hitman reboot trilogy, and it almost resulted in them disappearing forever. I wonder if they were just ahead of their game though. Maybe if Hitman 1 or Hitman 2 launched today as episodic games, they’d sell just fine. In this article, I’m going to explore this a little and try to understand how players are going to react when the new expansion, Seven Deadly Sins, launches.

Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 both launched as episodic titles. You could buy the game’s episodes individually, or purchase a season pass and unlock them all automatically as they were released. With Hitman 1, Io Interactive saw a lot of buy-in with that first episode, but then players tailed off. Only those who bought the season pass came back for the additional locations, and not even all of them did. The same was the case in Hitman 2, which led to Square Enix trying to sell the company. After gaining independence and buying themselves, Io Interactive launched Hitman 3 as a full package, and I’d say it’s worked much better.

The issue with those early games was that initial buy-in. Players thought that they already had the full game. Given that it would be very short if that were the case, they didn’t buy the next episode. Those with the season pass did eventually appreciate the whole game, but it took a long time. Hitman 3 gave everything to players at once, and the community seems to be buzzing because of it.

These new seasons add four to six weeks of content at a time. You need to buy them all separately too. I think that all Hitman 3 players who can afford it will love the first season, but only dedicated players will return for the other six. This just seems to be the case with seasonal content when you purchase individually. In Destiny 2, everyone buys the year’s season pass, and then comes back every season to play. Hopefully there’s an option like this for Hitman 3, because without it the expansion may not do so well.

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