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Sounds Like We’re Getting An Original Bond With Project 007

project 007

Io Interactive’s Hakan Abrak, CEO and Co-Owner, has had a chat with IGN about the studio’s next project. That’s the James Bond game that’s currently called Project 007. In his interview, he chatted about a couple of different things regarding the story, and how the developer is working to create a completely original Bond for the games industry. This is something that the company explained was important to the IP owners. Between them, the pair agreed that the studio would have more passion and therefore create a better game if they were working on something completely original. Making their mark on the IP and the games industry with something that hasn’t ever been done before.

Project 007 will feature a totally original James Bond who isn’t modeled on any of the actors who have played him. This is something that hasn’t been done in the Bond games before. I think that’s mostly because there have always been contracts in place around the games, and the IP owners have been keen to promote the latest movies. The closest we’ve ever come is Everything or Nothing. This is an original story but stars Pearce Brosnan and Willem Dafoe. It’s a brilliant game and story, but it’s very much still based in the established cinematic universe.

I have no clue where Io Interactive could take the story, but I hope that they go further than they did with the Hitman reboot trilogy. With the Hitman games, Io Interactive tentatively spread the story out over three games, and it seemed to hinder them. The missions that focus on the story, in particular, are definitely the worst. With Project 007 though, the game has to encompass that story. Somehow they need to make a convincing story that fits well within the world. If they follow a similar gameplay formula this could be an open-world stealth sandbox game, and it would work tremendously well. For now, we know nothing more than the fact that it’s original. I think we need to wait to see some concepts, but I’m pretty damn excited for this one. Hopefully, it doesn’t go the way of the Hitman games and really drop the ball on that story side.

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