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Lady Dimitrescu Runs A Cult Of Vampires


The recent Resident Evil Village interview with IGN has revealed a brilliant new fact about Lady Dimitrescu. Apparently, she’s the head of a cult of vampires up in the game’s massive castle setting. In the lead up to the front door, you’ll see loads of scarecrows. Those are actually the dried-out husks of male bodies that have had all of their blood drained. This is so that Lady Dimitrescu can feed the hungry cult, and it’s a big one. The original design was for a castle of 100 witches, and the final product is said to be very close to this. To me, it’s more of a horrific description of Dracula if he were a woman.

The cult of vampires in Resident Evil Village is made up entirely of women. Men are harvested for their blood, and that’s what keeps the vampires alive. Even the scary almost beast-like vampires that we’ve seen in gameplay are all women. I don’t know if it’s a purity thing that Lady Dimitrescu is sticking to, or if men physically can’t become vampires. This would make a weird kind of sense if all men became werewolves instead, which is why they seem to be rocking about in the village too.

Filling a castle with vampires is one way to make it scarier. Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters were scary enough, this is getting ridiculous now. However, this is the product of the developers going back to make this a pure horror game. They want to push that horror angle and really push all players over the edge as well. In a way, it makes me more excited about the game. In another, it puts me off of playing. I don’t want to imagine myself being drained of blood every time I play, but I feel like I will be.

With this in mind, I have no idea how bonkers or horrific the rest of the game’s stories are going to be. This is a very strange village, and it’s got some absolutely terrifying enemies lurking around in it. Only time will tell exactly how far the horror can go when this game launches in a month or so.

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