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What Makes Lady Dimitrescu A Cult Leader?


So Capcom has said in the past that Lady Dimitrescu is the leader of a cult of vampires. I’ve been thinking about this over the weekend, and now I can see a few characteristics in her that scream the cult leader vibe. I want to explore those here, because I can’t say if they’ve been put there on purpose or not. Some of this might just be part of the persona that Capcom wants the vampire beauty giant to have, and others could be incredibly deliberate.

First, she’s a charismatic person that people are obsessed with. This is seen in just the reaction that the fanbase has had to her. People love this woman, and they’re going to follow her no matter what. I think this is true in-game as well. This is how she’s managed to become the leader of a cult. She’s sucked people in with her charm, captured them, and then turned them. Sure, she’s literally turning them into a vampire, but cults turn people towards their beliefs in a similar way. No biting though.

I also think that the Dimitrescu daughters are a key part of this cult leader image. They’re Lady Dimitrescu’s enforcers. When someone tries to escape, or someone is looking too closely, they step in. Cults will kill those who want to leave or point out the flaws, like drinking human blood. They don’t want the negativity to spread to the rest of the cult. Ethan Winters is definitely an outsider looking too closely at this cult, and that’s why these daughters are out to kill him.

Finally, cults usually take the money and possessions of members and seal them in a compound. The castle in Resident Evil Village is that compound. Lady Dimitrescu seems rich beyond reason, and that’s probably because she takes all your stuff before either draining you of blood or turning you into a blood-thirsty husk of your former self. It’s all there, plain to see. Our beloved Lady Dimitrescu is a cult leader, but we love her for it. How long until the cult spreads into the real world?

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