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New Resident Evil Village Footage Highlights Survivors And Story


During last week’s Resident Evil Showcase, we were given a brand new look at Resident Evil Village. This trailer doesn’t focus too much on the villains this time around though. It’s more about the story and the characters you’ll meet as Ethan Winters along the way. One of those is obviously Chris Redfield, the man who rescued Ethan in Resident Evil 7. He’s killed Mia, but it’s not entirely clear why. This new trailer suggests that he has a mission, but we’re still no close to figuring out what that mission is. Still, it’s nice to see him in the game alongside another Umbrella soldier.

What I think is really interesting is the fact that there is a group of other survivors in this village. The werewolves are those members who have been turned, and it looks like a few people are still resisting somehow. There seems to be a link between the werewolves and the villains. Ethan responds to a radio transmission to find this group of survivors. The trailer makes it look like one of them turns soon after, but the radio message is the more interesting aspect here.

That message is a call to all survivors in the area. It indicates that an incident has occurred, and the villagers want to help anyone who has managed to get out of it alive. We’re shown Ethan being dragged by one of the core villains early on, so maybe a group of people was captured and he’s the only one left. It would make sense if this is the case, because that’s why he’s so important. Lady Dimitrescu needs his blood for something, and that’s why she’s hunting him down. She’s also not too concerned about grabbing him alive though, because she has other villagers to pick from.

The story overall seems to be way more focused on Ethan this time than anything else. In Resident Evil 7, he was an outsider falling into a story that he didn’t understand. Now, in this game, he’s the main focus of the story and is trying to escape it. Nothing looks as simple as it might first appear, and that’s what’s going to make this such a great game.

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