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Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Is A New Twist On A Classic Mode


Last week we were shown that Resident Evil Village has another new game mode coming with it outside of RE:Verse. It’s called Mercenaries and marks the return of a beloved game mode in the franchise that has been sorely missed. Essentially, this game mode contains a number of maps from the main game, plonks you in them, and tasks you with taking down every enemy you can see within the time limit. There are sometimes other rules, but that’s the basic crux of it. In Resident Evil Village, the perspective has been shifted to first-person, but there’s a lot of other new stuff going on as well.

No Resident Evil game is suited to a wave-based horde mode, but somehow slightly tweaking each game has always made it work. In Resident Evil Village, there are a few changes to make the game mode even more engrossing and replayable. For example, you can now visit the Duke’s store between areas. You’ll be moving from one area to another and trying to reach a certain point before the timer ends. The Duke appears between each area to offer you a chance to spend all the money you pick up from the foes you’re killing. This gives you the power to change your arsenal and tweak it to your play style.

There are also abilities that you can pick up within each mission. These can increase your speed, the power of your weapons, or the defensive capabilities of your block. Any one of these will be a real boon for the short time it’s life, but you need to think about which one to go for given the current situation. If there are loads of enemies nearby, a boost to blocking might be the best thing to take on. If you’ve got to get to a new location fast though, then getting a speed boost is the power you should pick up.

There’s going to be a lot to uncover in this game mode once the game releases. All of this is on top of the difficulty modes that Resident Evil Village offers as well. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and figure out the best strategies and routes for every mission in Mercenaries.

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