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The Resident Evil Village Demo Felt Like A Slice, Not A Part Of The Game


I played Resident Evil Village on PS5 over the weekend. As a result, I got to experience a little piece of the game early. Here’s the thing though, I don’t think it’s representative of the final game. I think that this demo was put together by Capcom as a way of demonstrating game mechanics to players, and what they can expect from the final release. I don’t think that we’ll see anything close to the slice of gameplay that was in that demo in the final release though. I think it was all for show, and that’s a bit annoying.

The reason I’m saying this is because the small area I explored had what looked like quite a big puzzle, but the solution was very close by. It was also focused around a huge story beat, and I don’t see the game giving you too much of those very often. There was barely any pacing and only a couple of enemies. It just didn’t feel like it was a Resident Evil follow up to the seventh entry. It was an action entry that didn’t force you to work very hard for the result you need.

There were a lot of items out of my reach, but I acquired the item needed to access them very early, and from there it all seemed a bit too easy. The area felt like the outer hub near the trailer in Resident Evil 7. A place that you can feel safe, but also somewhere that’s connected to all the other major areas in the game. Everything was linked to one item though, with the exception of doors locked from the other side, and one door with a specific key. It all felt very chance.

So, I’m expecting exactly the same thing this weekend. The only difference is that it’ll be of Castle Dimitrescu, not the game’s village. In a way, it’s really disappointing that I didn’t get to play what I think is the final release. However, I understand Capcom not wanting to allow too much to get out early. This short demo ensures that even people like me who played it will be surprised. Ultimately, that’s a good practice. I just wish it didn’t feel so cheap.

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