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The Resident Evil Village Demo Last Weekend Was Eye Opening


Last weekend, everyone on PS4 and PS5 had the opportunity to play Resident Evil Village early. The demo was a timed affair, a 30-minute experience that was limited in how far you could progress. Since no one had any prior knowledge, it was just a race to get as far as possible. At least for most players. I had a pretty good time running around the area you’re given in the demo, exploring what was there. I found a few things that showed me what the end gameplay might look like. In this article, I wanted to cover a few of them so you know what to expect from this entry.

Collectible Goats

Yes, this is a strange one. There seem to be goats scattered around the game, although I only found one. If you damage these, it’s meant to harm your reputation with Mother Miranda. That’s the deity or protector of the village in this game. The locals pray to her, so smashing the goats is probably a bad idea. However, it’s just too tempting. Plus, I bet there’s a nice item as a reward at the end of the road. I do think this might make the game more challenging, but we’ll have to see what it looks like in the final release.

Scrap Parts

I’d thought that you upgrade your weapons by purchasing the upgrades. However, it now looks like you’ll need parts to upgrade them as well. I found tonnes of these items scattered around the small area of the village that I explored. It’s interesting to see this coming into play. It wasn’t a part of Resident Evil 4, which is what the merchant in this game is undoubtedly based on, so it’s a change I don’t think most players will expect.

Repeatable Areas

I’m sure this fact was a given for many players, but areas in this game will require you to return to make the most of them. That’s because there are items that you need in order to access loot. You won’t have those items early on, so you’ll need to come back once you have them to make the most of the game. Something I really enjoy about the Resident Evil series.

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