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It Looks Like You Can Choose Which Order To Tackle Resident Evil Village’s Areas In


Resident Evil Village looks to be very different to most of the games in the series. One thing that a lot of people aren’t talking about is the order in which you approach the early bosses. It looks like you need to kill four main bosses before you can approach Mother Miranda, who seems to be some sort of overlord boss. She also has heavy ties to Umbrella, at least that’s what’s implied in all the game’s imagery so far. The thing is, I reckon we’ll get to choose what order we approach these bosses in, which could drastically change how the game plays.

Think about it. If we get four initial bosses before the big bad, then why do we need to do them in a certain order? The demos I’ve played have keys to progression that definitely lock areas off for a time. However, there are more areas that look like they could be available. for a good chunk of the game. It makes sense for the game to force players down one path of progression. It allows the developers to pace the story, and it also lets them create a much better overall experience. The dread can be measured and kept to full, instead of the game having to adapt to your decisions.

However, Resident Evil Village does a lot that’s different, and I believe this could be one thing that it does a bit U-turn on. I love the idea of having to work out which boss is easiest to deal with after killing others. It makes the game feel like it’s got a lot more content than it probably does. That’s no bad thing though. Making a game feel fuller is hard to do for triple A releases, so why not give players more choice?

We’ll have to wait until the game is out to see if this is actually possible, but my suspicion is that this will be the case. We’ll be able to pick and choose which bosses to fight first, and therefore which areas to tackle first. It’ll add a level of variability to the game that no other title in this franchise has ever had, and dramatically increase the potential play time.

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