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Oh Good We Have A Week To Play Resident Evil Village


Earlier this week, Capcom made a massive announcement. The company was originally going to make us play the final Resident Evil Village demo over the course of a 24 hour period. We can play for up to 1 hour, but we only had 24 hours in which to do that. Now though, we’ve got ten days, which means that you can play the demo between May 1 and May 10 in the UK. That’s a much better time scale for literally everyone on the planet, and I’m so thankful that the developer made this decision.

The last two PlayStation exclusive demos have been arduous. They’ve been live for a few hours at a time, and you’ve only had 30 minutes to play the actual game. This demo opens things up a lot more. It also gives everyone access to both the castle and the village sections. While you only have 1 hour to actually play in total, it’s a much better deal than the extremely limited demos we’ve had so far. I’m not trying to be ungrateful, I’m actually loving the chances I’ve had to play the game. But I do think that some people have found it hard to carve out the time to play, particularly with other life commitments.

Capcom has made this change with very little notice, and they’ve done it because they value their fans. Many companies wouldn’t do this because they’ve got a set schedule that they want to stick to. It looks like Capcom is way more in touch with their fans than most other large companies though. There was a time when Capcom wasn’t this receptive to fan feedback, and I think it bit them in the ass because they really did go the opposite way. Looking at what fans are saying and working with them is always the way to go. It’s the best way to work as a company like this.

Hopefully, this fan dedication will bleed into the post-launch support and content. I want to see Capcom further change plans in order to please fans because it’ll only make Resident Evil Village a better experience as a result.

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