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A New Season In Destiny 2 Starts Today

After an absolutely smashing Season of the Chosen, Destiny 2 is getting another season today. I’m not going to go into season specifics here, but I do want to encourage you to play the game starting today. It’s free-to-play, and while you do need to buy a season pass to access certain content, it’s not required. Season of the Chosen was incredible, it brought so much to the table in terms of content and storytelling, and it would be a shame for any fan, lapsed or not, to miss out on that because they didn’t realise that a new entry point for the game started today.

The start of a season is always a good time to get back into Destiny 2. The season pass is fresh, and you have as much time as is humanly possible to get through all the content in it. Not only that, but you can also complete all the new activities, missions, and quests way before you’re rushed into doing so. With Seasonal Challenges having been added to the game, those are also something that you can pick up and get on with straight away. These will keep you fueled with an excuse to play the game, even when you think your time would be better spent anywhere else.

There’s never been more to do at the start of a season. The story is heating up in the lead up to the next expansion, so that’s also worth paying attention to. You’ll get a new piece every week if you play the right content, and you can keep on enjoying it every day up until the end of the season.

I love Destiny 2 for a few reasons, but the season pass model and storytelling are my top two at the moment. I can’t wait to see what this season brings, but I’m also excited to get my hands on all the new stuff in the season pass. There’s something so good about working through a new one that makes you feel like you’re constantly progressing. There’s more than enough to do in the game to keep that up every time you play it, so don’t delay and jump into Destiny 2 from today.

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