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Why Play Mass Effect 2 First In The Legendary Edition?


Mass Effect 2 is probably the best Mass Effect game out there. I know that this is a pretty popular opinion, but it’s not one I share, unfortunately. Then again, that’s because I haven’t finished it. I played the first Mass Effect a couple of times through, then got halfway through the second before dropping it and never playing it again. I know, and I’m sorry for that. However, now I’m going to try to argue why you should probably jump into this game first out of the three in the Legendary Edition. I don’t think it’s a hard argument to make, but some of you might need a bit of convincing if you’re on the fence between two of them.

Most people acknowledge that Mass Effect hit its stride with the second game. It’s got a story that really does its best to impress, and it’s a deserving follow-up to the first title. The third game is a mess in terms of story, so this really is the peak for the series. If that’s not enough to sway you, then let’s get into the technicalities.

Mass Effect 2 was already an incredibly polished game. Over the years it’s had mods that bring it up to standard even more, but even the PS3 remaster of the game had barely any differences. This is a game that’s always looked good and felt good to play. BioWare has made barely any changes in terms of what you’ll be physically doing in the game. Everything will feel the same, so you’re going to be able to hop right from the original into this. The transition will be seamless.

Mass Effect 2 intrigued me because it didn’t star the Reapers as the big bad enemy for about half the game. Sure, they still exist, but they’re not the main threat that they are in the first game. Instead, there’s a lot of mystery, and The Collectors are possibly the creepiest and most interesting alien race I’ve come across. I love all the aspects that Mass Effect 2 kicks off from the first minute, including killing the protagonist. I think that it’s definitely a good game, and a safe starting point if you want to play the Legendary Edition with zero disappointments.

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