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Why Play Mass Effect 3 First In The Legendary Edition?


With the Mass Effect Legendary Edition on the way this week, I’m looking at why you should play the third game first above all the others. I’ll be honest, this is a really hard one to argue. I never played Mass Effect 3, and there’s so much riding against it. However, I also think that can be the thing that pushes you to play it first. In a weird way, all the initial disappointment could lead to you having the best time ever with one of the most notoriously terrible games ever. For me, this is the last place I’ll be starting, but I don’t think it should be for series fans. If anything, those players should start here and nowhere else.

Mass Effect 3 launched with a bad ending that no one liked, quite a few bugs and glitches, and a multiplayer mode that locked off a chunk of the story. The Legendary Edition doesn’t have the multiplayer content, and no one has confirmed if that content will come to the game as a single-player affair at all. Leaving that aside, the Legendary Edition has been fixed up, made to look better, and has the improved ending that was patched in later for the original. It’s the definitive cut of the game that should have released the first time around. It’s worth experiencing it all again fresh in this collection because you know it’s going to be better.

The third game has also seen the technical and graphical improvements of the first two in this collection. I’ll admit, this one was already pretty good, so the changes are going to be small. However, there will now be a consistency between all three games that you can see. If you finish this game first and go back to look at the Reapers in the first, the visual difference won’t be so striking. It’ll feel like you’re playing one massive story.

For the terrible reputation that this game has, I think it’s worth jumping into first because it deserves a second chance. Not many games get a second release day, so why not replace the disappointing memories from the first one with a new one this week?

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