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Pride Mechanics Should Be A Larger Part Of Hitman 3


With Season of Pride, Io Interactive brought in a brilliant new mechanic to Hitman 3. Unfortunately, it’s entirely restricted to just one Escalation, The Pride Profusion. The mechanic is similar to the one introduced with the Escalation for Season of Greed. Players have a choice of two weapons for every level of the Escalation. Your targets change depending on which one you pick up. One is the harder route, and one is easier. There’s even dialogue that’s exclusive to each path, with the Pride Peacock being proud or disappointed depending on your choice. This is a mechanic that we need in the rest of Hitman 3, but I don’t think we’ll ever get it.

As with last season’s greed mechanic, we sorely need this new pride mechanic to spice up Hitman 3’s Contracts mode. It opens the door to a whole new world of potential missions. Suddenly, every Contract has two possible outcomes. You can create an easy route, and a tough route. Within this, you can also be a bit sneaky and put together some challenges for both to make them harder than they might first seem. The level of challenge should be based on the potential score you can earn through completion. For example, if a route allows you to get some brutal kills, hide the bodies, and do it all with a Silent Assassin rank, then it should be harder. If a route offers you the chance to instantly kill your targets with few chances of being spotted, it’s the easy route.

I don’t see Io Interactive implementing this mechanic into Contracts anytime soon, but if they don’t, it’ll mean that Hitman 3 dies sooner. There’s only so much you can do with the levels and weapons on offer in the game. Only the missions from Hitman 3 are fresh content, so players are having to make do with the older stuff as well, and it’s drying up. For the rest of this year, we’ve got loads more content from the Season of Sins collection. I just hope that Io Interactive allows it to grow to its full potential and gives players what they really want.

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