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Can We Get A Dead Space Legendary Edition Now?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been a huge success. Everyone who loved Mass Effect already has jumped on the games and enjoyed them massively. New fans have now come along to enjoy the game just as much, if not more because it’s their first time with them. The success of these games in this from so long after their original release proves one thing, EA should do it more with other franchises. The only one that deserves to be next coming from the studio EA killed by implementing multiplayer, microtransactions, and making business decisions it had no right to make, Dead Space.

The Dead Space franchise is beloved for many reasons. It’s one of the best horror franchises on the market, despite EA basically transforming it into an action series in the end. With the egregious microtransactions aside, the multiplayer was actually quite fun. The core of this series though, the psychological horror elements and an astounding level of detail in the ammo to enemy ratios and encounters are what makes it so good today. For many, myself included, it stands up against Resident Evil Village, and might even be better than it still.

EA has now seen that by allowing developers to remake and remaster their old games, they can both please fans and make a profit. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a collection of games that will have brought in a tonne of profit. Most of the assets already existed, and the main development process must have been half that of a major game. Couple that with the fact that you’ve already got an established fan base, and sales increase even more. This is what EA cares about, so I don’t see why it’s a stretch to ask for more in the form of Dead Space.

Some of my fondest gaming memories are of this series. Dead Space 3 was odd, no one can deny that, but it was still good. The franchise carved out a weird niche for itself, and even with all the mad things that EA did to it, it managed to stay true to that identity. Hopefully, EA sees sense and allows this to happen.