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Try Star Wars Squadrons Now It’s Free On PlayStation Plus

Star Wars Squadrons is free with PlayStation Plus this month, and that means that you have no excuse but to try it out. This is a game that nobody really asked for. Everyone wanted the features it offers in other Star Wars games, but no one actually thought an entire game of piloting in the Star Wars universe would be that great in this form. We were all very wrong, and this game was a silent hit. It’s got a lot going on, with a campaign, challenges, and a huge multiplayer mode that is still very much alive. It’s totally worth your time this month, especially because it’s free.

In Star Wars Squadrons, you take on the role of a pilot for the Empire and the Republic, though not at the same time obviously. There’s a set campaign for both sides, and it’s pretty nice to play through both of them. There’s a lot of variety in the ships you get to use, and they all have new abilities and features to unlock as you go on. The campaign is just filler for the real meat of the game though, which is the multiplayer mode.

You can take part in several different modes against other players, or working with them. There are objectives to complete, NPCs to defend, and a lot of frantic flying to master. This is where you’ll develop some truly impressive piloting skills that will see you through to the highest levels in the mode. There are daily and weekly challenges to complete which keep things pretty interesting, and your pilot level can be constantly pushed up no matter where you play.

There are also some time-limited game modes that pop up every now and then. This sees you earn rewards based on your actions within a certain event, so it’s worth going in on one for the month of June just to see what you get out of it. Honestly, this game has adopted a fabulous fan base that keeps playing day in and day out. It’s got so much to offer for the price, and for free it’s an absolute steal. There’s no reason not to play it.

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